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The umbrella service you need, without the things you don’t

Are you in need of a simple yet efficient payroll service? Why not choose Bluebird Umbrella? We provide a modern approach to umbrella payroll created with the needs of contractors and freelancers just like you in mind.

At Bluebird Umbrella, we understand the needs of modern-day contractors and freelancers and we want to provide you with a simple, online service without any of the additional extras which realistically – most contractors don’t even want!

You may have noticed that there is no telephone number included on our website. This is because we have chosen to keep our service purely digital – simply functioning via our website and email. By doing this we are able to reduce our operating costs and pass these savings on to you by way of an extremely competitive margin.

Modern day umbrella service

Bluebird Umbrella makes it as simple as possible for you to get paid. We believe when you combine a traditional umbrella payroll service with a digital platform, it can provide contractors and freelancers with the perfect, modern day, payroll service.

Do you know how much you could be taking home if you were to sign up to one of our modern, online umbrella packages?

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Bluebird Umbrella Benefits Of An Online Umbrella Company

The Benefits

Bluebird Umbrella is proud to offer a service which more than meets the essential requirements of modern-day contractors and freelancers and comes with plenty of extras.

Bluebird Umbrella Limited Or Umbrella

Limited or umbrella?

The two most popular ways to get paid as a contractor or freelancer is to become an employee of an umbrella company or set up your own limited company.

Bluebird Umbrella Join Us

Join Us

Bluebird Umbrella can offer the perfect payroll service for contractors and freelancers who want a no-frills umbrella company – and you won’t pay for any extra’s you won’t use!


Bluebird Accountancy

Bluebird Accountancy (our sister company) is a specialist online contractor accountancy service designed to offer contractors and freelancers a simple, modern approach to accountancy.

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