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You may notice the lack of a telephone number for Bluebird Umbrella on our site and this has not been done in error. We have chosen to keep our umbrella service purely digital to simplify the process and offer a service that meets the essential requirements of contractors and freelancers.

Continue reading to discover why keeping our service purely digital benefits you.

Cheaper margin

By keeping our service purely digital, we have been able to reduce our operating costs. We have also been able to pass these savings on to you by way of an extremely competitive margin. This means you can take home more of your hard-earned salary as a result of our low margin. We’re proud to be able to pass on our administrative savings to you – our clients.

Efficient service

As a seasoned professional, we understand that you do not want to be paying extra on top of the basic service you require. Bluebird Umbrella is designed for contractors who want to be able to send their timesheets over to their payroll provider quickly and be paid on time – leaving them with more time to focus on their contract work. Simply operating via our website and email means we can solely focus on processing your payroll in an efficient and timely manner. Don’t worry about contacting us – we will respond to website and email enquiries within 24 hours.

You will only pay for the essentials

Bluebird Umbrella is a no-frills umbrella company. We recognise that many contractors do not want the additional extras that most payroll providers include in their packages – at an additional cost to the contractor. Therefore, we offer you an efficient payroll service at a competitive rate. We will process your payroll as soon as we receive your funds from your recruitment agency and pay you the same day. All you have to do is upload your signed timesheets onto the My Digital portal or the mobile app.

All the information you need is in one place

As Bluebird Umbrella is a purely digital umbrella company, all the information you will need regarding our service and how we operate can be found on our website. We understand that contractors and freelancers can lead extremely busy lives and do not want to waste time having to ring their payroll provider and be passed between departments.

We also wanted to keep the service we offer you as simple as possible. All you will need to do is upload your signed timesheets onto our portal and leave the rest to us! You will also receive your payslips via this portal, which can be accessed from our website or the app.

Should you need anything extra that cannot be found on our website you can send us a message via our live chat and we will be happy to answer any queries.

Do you know how much you could be taking home if you were to sign up to one of our modern, online umbrella packages?

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Bluebird Umbrella Benefits Of An Online Umbrella Company

The Benefits

Bluebird Umbrella is proud to offer a service which more than meets the essential requirements of modern-day contractors and freelancers and comes with plenty of extras.

Bluebird Umbrella Limited Or Umbrella

Limited or umbrella?

The two most popular ways to get paid as a contractor or freelancer is to become an employee of an umbrella company or set up your own limited company.

Bluebird Umbrella Join Us

Join Us

Bluebird Umbrella can offer the perfect payroll service for contractors and freelancers who want a no-frills umbrella company – and you won’t pay for any extra’s you won’t use!


Bluebird Accountancy

Bluebird Accountancy (our sister company) is a specialist online contractor accountancy service designed to offer contractors and freelancers a simple, modern approach to accountancy.


£7.50per week
£7.50per week
  • Free take-home pay projection via email
  • Register online
  • Email support with 24 hour response time
  • Access to state-of-the-art app
  • £25 million insurance cover
  • Employee Benefits (including Sick Pay and Maternity/Paternity Pay)
  • No joining or leaving fees
  • SMS message when you have been paid


£15per week
£15per week
  • Includes everything in the Essential Package, and...
  • Register in minutes over the phone
  • Telephone support
  • Email support with 6 hour response time
  • Same Day Faster Payments
  • Your own dedicated Account Manager
  • Earn fantastic rewards for referring friends/colleagues
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