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Why should you partner with Bluebird Umbrella?

Bluebird Umbrella provides contractors and freelancers with a purely digital, no-frills umbrella service to suit the needs of modern contractors. By combining the traditional elements of an umbrella company with a purely digital platform, our excellent value service will more than satisfy the requirements of your candidates.

There are many reasons why both Bluebird Umbrella and your recruitment agency can benefit from a partnership moving forward. Continue reading to find out how you and your candidates can benefit.

Benefits for your recruitment agency

As a recruitment agency, you only want to refer your candidates to the best umbrella companies. But with so many umbrella providers to choose from how do you determine which provider is the best? Bluebird Umbrella will provide your candidates with a fully HMRC-compliant service and because we are a purely online provider, we can offer your candidates a seamless experience at a competitive margin. Below we have listed a few benefits of establishing a partnership with Bluebird Umbrella:

  • Bluebird Umbrella operates in full compliance with HMRC rules and regulations and we will never promote a tax avoidance scheme – meaning your candidates never have to worry about receiving a large unexpected tax bill.
  • The Bluebird Umbrella accountants are backed by years of industry experience and keep up to date on the latest industry legislation – we will never give out inaccurate information so you can rest assured that you are referring your candidates to a compliant accountant that they can trust.
  • Bluebird Umbrella is a purely digital umbrella service and we have simplified our process as much as possible – your candidates can sign up in minutes and once they have joined the service it is incredibly straightforward.
  • For every candidate you refer to us you will be kept up to date on the progress of the candidate.
  • Bluebird Umbrella is a no-frill umbrella service – we do not believe in including additional service extras (such as reward schemes) which contractors may not want to use or pay for.
  • Bluebird Umbrella appreciates all the work that recruitment agencies do and all the candidates that are referred to us. We like to tailor each individual partnership with agencies depending on their specific requirements. Please get in contact to find out more.

Benefits for your candidates

Bluebird Umbrella will provide your candidates with a seamless umbrella service like no other. They will have access to everything they need in order to get paid, and will not be paying for any additional extras that they do not require. Bluebird Umbrella operates in full compliance with HMRC – your candidates will have their tax processed in accordance with HMRC legislation and will never be wrongly advised. Continue reading to find out why your candidates will love our efficient digital umbrella service:

  • Our weekly margin is highly competitive!
  • Simplified process.
  • Bluebird Umbrella is a digital umbrella company – your candidates can send their timesheets in on the go, wherever they are and everything they will need is easily accessible on our website.
  • No hidden costs, tie in periods, joining or leaving fees.
  • Bluebird Umbrella can offer your candidates a simplified umbrella service with very little ongoing administration – all they need to do is send in their timesheets to timesheets
  • Your candidates will get statutory benefits similar to permanent employees – Sick Pay, Maternity Pay and Paternity Pay.
  • Your candidates will have one point of contact for any queries they may have (via email) – they will not get passed from person to person.
  • Candidates will be covered by our comprehensive insurance package – Employer’s Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.
  • If your candidates would like to form their own limited company in future, our sister company – Bluebird Accountancy – can help them get set up and support them on their limited company journey.

Do you have any candidates who would be able to benefit from our online umbrella service?

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