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Thank you for choosing Bluebird Umbrella Extra

Thank you for choosing Bluebird Umbrella as your umbrella company.

Our industry-leading umbrella payroll service will ensure you get paid on time and without complications. You also get to take advantage of a range of benefits such as free comprehensive insurance cover, unlimited telephone support and access to My Digital – innovative umbrella software that makes it easy to submit the hours you’ve worked and view payslips.

Please download the official ‘Welcome to Bluebird Umbrella Essential’ guide below.

Important Information to Complete Your Registration

You may still need to complete some steps in the registration process before we can legally pay you. Please see page 3 in the guide for more information.

To submit your weekly hours worked, you’ll need to login to your My Digital portal, either online or by using the mobile app. The payroll team will provide you with your unique and secure login details once you have successfully completed registration.

If you have any questions, please email the Bluebird Umbrella team.

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